Amhara Regional State

The Amhara regional state is found in northern part of Ethiopia; and Bahir dar is the seat of the regional government administration . Ayalew Gobezie is the regional government’s president.The region borders with Afar,Oromiya, Tigray states and with the republic of north sudan. Most of the people of the region live in rural areas and the economic activity of the people is mainly agriculture in crop production and rearing of animals. The regional government’s official language is Amharic. The region is the home for different ethnic groups and peoples. Amhara. Oromo,Argoba,Tigrie,Agew ethnic groups are among the major ethnic groups who live in the region. The region is home for christian and muslims for a century. There are 11 administrative zones as stated below with their respective administrative seat town
1 Oromiya zone- Kemise
2 North Wollo zone- Woldeya
3 South Wollo zone- Desie
4 North Gonder-Gonder
5 South Gonder-Debre Tabor
6 East Gojam-Debre Markos
7 West Gojam- Finote Selam
8 North Shoa-Debre birhan
9 Awi zone- Enjibara
10 Wag khimra zone- Sekota
11 Bahir dar city zone, Bahir dar
Tourist attraction sites
1 North Mountain parks
2 Lalibela church
3 The Gonderian palace
4 lake Tana and the
surrounding monasteries
5 lake logo & Hardigo,
6 shonke mosque,
7 lake Zingana,
8 Tis abay (abay water fall)
9 Semien park,
10 Guassa park,
11 Ankober palace,