Jille Timuga woreda

Jille Timuga Woreda is located at the eastern part of Amhara region under the administration of the Oromiya zone.The woreda has a population of approximately 120,000 people from which more than 90% of the population has the oromo nationalities. The rest of people is the Amhara and Argoba nationalities.
Jille Timuga has 4 neighbouring woredas. These are Efrata Gidim woreda,Qewet woreda,Arxuma fursi woreda and Hadeleila woreda of the Afar regional state.
Jille Timuga woreda has 18 kebele’s under its administration and Senbete serves as a seat of the woreda administration. Senbete has a population of approximately 13000 people and is located at the Addis Ababa-Desie main highway with a distance of 265 km away from Addis. The woreda has an altitude ranging from 1500 to 1650 metre above sea level. The woreda climatically catagorised as ‘kola’ and semi-desert.
The economic activity of the woreda people is agriculture mainly in cultivation and rearing of animals. Crop production is dependant on rainfall. The production from agriculture is less due to the low productivity of the land, the lack of modernity in agricultural practice and the failure of seasonal and timely rainfall distribution.
Senbete market day, every sunday, is the best tourist attraction site for tourists who are interested to see different nationalities with their cultural clothes and traditional cosmetics at a place. The oromo, Amhara,Argoba and Afar nationalities come together to the market to exchange goods.